Morgan sports car – Melvyn Rutter, publisher


Having been involved in the Morgan car business for 40 years and Morgan ownership since the age of 16, I continue to have the personal enthusiasm, drive and love of this fantastic British marque.

My first car was a 1937 F2 Morgan 3 wheeler and as you can see my affection for them has not wavered, here I am sitting in the 1934 MX4 Super Sport I have owned for the last 35 years.

The idea to produce an International Morgan magazine for all my friends and customers had been in my mind for a number of years and it is now, as time has
flown by, in its 15th year of production.

Our magazine designer, David Mills, has worked with me for the last 36 years on various projects and it is he who is responsible for the great layouts and design.

We are constantly looking for articles and features from contributors and I am more than happy to receive interesting stuff to share with the Morgan sportscar community, via this publication. Please email me at: